Terms & Conditions

A referral bonus (“Bonus”) may be paid with respect to new members (each, a “Referral”, and collectively, “Referrals”) who join Industrious and remain members for at least one month.  Current and past Industrious members as well as non-members are eligible to receive the Bonus by referring a Referral. To be eligible for the Bonus, either the referring person must fill out a referral form through the Industrious website page or the referral must fill out a form through the Referral Rock platform before the Referral completes a tour at an Industrious location. No Bonus will be paid to a referring person who is an Industrious member who refers a Referral from their own company to their same location; however, the referring person may be eligible for a Bonus if they refer a Referral from their own company to another Industrious location.   Current Industrious members who move office locations (i.e., leave one location to join at another) are not considered Referrals for purposes of this program and no Bonus shall be paid for such referrals.  If two individuals refer the same Referral, the Bonus will go to the individual who first submitted the referral form. No Bonus will be paid if the Referral has already been in contact with a broker at the time the referral is made. Referring individual will receive the Bonus through a cash payment to be issued following the conclusion of the Referral’s first full month as a member of Industrious.  The maximum payout is $1,000 per referral. This offer is not valid for Access or Virtual Memberships.